We hope everyone is having a great time on Betsim that has always been available only for android devices. We want to let you know that we have great news for all those who have always wanted to play betsim from a computer, or from an iOS device … We have recently launched our platform on our website https://betsim.net that gives the possibility to play Betsim on any device!. (Yes, it includes computers, iOS devices, windows phone, etc.)

Now, playing from the web has the same benefits as playing in our mobile application on android. From now on you can make your bets the way you want and in the events you want just by having a computer or a tablet or any cell phone at hand, you won’t miss getting excited about betting on your favorite teams and leagues!.

Betsim on the web includes all the features that the App has… such as multiple bets, redeem code, win more bycoins with offers (where you can even find new offers that are not found in the mobile application), sports and general culture quizzes are also available in the Web. We hope you like the hard work we do for you and the big effort we do in order to provide you with the best service possible

Keep on playing and winning on Betsim!