Due to Google Play Politics and other politics of entities associated with the correct functioning of our system and our financial stability, the prizes are no longer showed in the app. We moved them to our website where you can see them and redeem them if you have enough bycoins to do so.

What does this change mean? Will there be problems regarding prizes delivery?

We are always working to keep making enhancements to the platform and to the app. All this to offer our users the best service possible. This change is only meant to comply the politics of our best allies to continue guaranteeing a good service when delivering prizes to winners. this DOESN’T affect our operation nor our effectivity at the time of delivering a prize.

Is The fund for the prizes delivery still active with this change?

Yes, it is still active and you will always have to take it into account when redeeming a prize.

Find the prizes available and how to redeem them here: https://prizes.betsim.net