Since April 2, there are fabulous new functions on the App… let’s take a look:

New button to “Reset bank” 

In order not to waste time waiting for a bet when we already know that we are going to lose it, Betsim gives us now the chance to reset our funds immediately so we can continue making bets again and, this way, playing more fluently. This is great, isn’t it? We should keep in mind that this will reset all our bycoins to 500 and it can’t be undone. We can find this button by going to Menu” –> “Settings”.

New “Keyboard” to make a bet with an exact amount of bycoins

With this new “keyboard”, Betsim give us now the option to input an exact amount of bycoins when we want to place any bet. we can choose between keyboard or Slide Control to place our bets, the way we feel more comfortable. It is possible to change this parameter anytime by going to “Menu” –> “Settings” –> “Input Type”


Multiple bets

This is the most highlighted new function from this version. You can review all the details here: