Betsim system processes thousands of bets every hour of all available events, and, like any other system, it can present failures that, for some reason, cause that an event is canceled and therefore all its associated bets. This can happen in any event, of third, second or even first division.

What can I do if I am a winner of a bet but it was canceled in Betsim?

Betsim is a free platform for all users, and we try to ensure a good service and that everything works correctly all the time. However, these unfortunate events are not exempt from occurring in the application:

If you won in an event but your bet was canceled in Betsim do not think it was intentional to prejudice you, since the system is automatic, and also if the opposite happens (you lose in an event but your bet is canceled), you will be benefited because your bycoins will be returned to your account. And you can corroborate this with any other user who also bet on the same event as you. Therefore, please do NOT ask us for giving you that event as won because it is not possible for us to manually identify all users who won and lost in that event. 

These cases are not very frequent, but if it happens, we ask all our users for being comprehensive, and even more, since it is NOT real money that is at stake. We offer our sincere excuses if this occurs. Keep playing and winning in Betsim.