The bycoins can be accumulated in two types of balances:

      1. Main Balance: Represents the bycoins obtained mainly by bets and these bycoins can be redeemed for the prizes available on our website.
      2. “Bonus” Balance: Represents the bycoins obtained by any method different from bets (video ads, quizzes, promotions, etc.). You can only use this “Bonus” balance to make bets and add bycoins to your “Main Balance” through net winnings. These bycoins CANNOT be redeemed for prizes.This division of the funds is carried out with the purpose of stimulating the proper use of all the platform functionalities. We want the users to claim prizes through both the bets and the other methods to win bycoins. Betsim is a platform about sports betting for free and we want you to make the most out of all we offer you so you can learn how to bet and how to win prizes thanks to your skill.