We always try to improve Betsim platform and since July 2020 we wanted to please many of our users with a new fun method to earn more bycoins very different from the traditional ways : mini-games.

There are dozens of video games that we will be adding little by little to the platform so that you can find the favorite way that you were looking for to accumulate and accumulate bycoins and not stop playing on Betsim. Minigames has arrived to betsim and you will always be able to take advantage of all of them.

The new section “Play and Win”

The new section of minigames in Betsim is called “Play and Win” and it does not only bring us the way to instantly earn coins when playing a minigame, but also the possibility to participate in the constant competitions or challenges that we will be enabling on the platform so you can win an amazing amount of coins if you manage to be among the first places in the ranking. In these competitions you can earn up to 1 million bycoins if you are good enough at it! Isn’t it incredible?

Here is the new section: https://app.betsim.net/en/play-win

There are thousands of participants competing each other in the challenge and you have the possibility to be in the first place, and this depends on the skill and ability you have in mastering the game but we will warn you that they are not easy so you will have to make a great effort to compete against other users to reach the top prize or at least to reach a good place in the rewards ranking. What we do guarantee is that you will have a great time and your adrenaline will rise wildly the more you play it. Good luck!