Betsim has wanted to evolve to offer more and better entertainment for all our users and to be one of the favorite and top pages in the world of digital entertainment. That is the reason why we are now a platform that offers both sports games such as soccer, tennis, basketball, baseball, among other disciplines, as well as dozens of well-selected and configured mini-games that vary from shooting and arcade mini-games to match-puzzle minigames that we all know and love.

These minigames are found in the “Play and Win” section where you can spend hours and hours playing the minigames and choose the one you like the most to have a great time and also earn coins that you can use in sports games and multiply them.

The new challenges

As if that were not enough, each week we will be challenging your ability in a specific minigame to compete against other participants in a ranking on who can achieve the highest score, these challenges are divided into minor challenges that last 1 week and major challenges that can last up to 30 days with fantastic and varied rewards each, you just have to make sure that your score is high enough to enter the leaderboard and get rewarded for your effort.

The first challenge that was carried out was called “An air mission with no end” from the game “Endless Mission” and 1,500,000 bycoins were distributed among the 100 users with the best scores in the game, most of them were from Latin America and we hope that many more users from other parts of the world participate in these entertaining challenges.