The NBA has had players of all kinds some very good, others not too much. Some of them reach big notoriety in the media and others simply go unnoticed or the most they achieve is to be good players and contribute to their teams and also represent a normal and enjoyable family life… But there are other players who manage to stand out in an authentic way and with great strength, one of those cases was Kobe Bryant, who has a relatively guaranteed success by being the son of a former and well-known NBA player, Joe Bryant.

Kobe earlier in his career failed to stand out with his performance but after appearing at the All-Star Weekend in the late 1990s he was able to excel himself and getting the attention of multiple important teams. Then, he fortunately was able to sign a contract with Los Angeles Lakers and he began his career of success in the first years of 2000 to 2004, where he later stabilized his important performance reaching a very good level playing for the Lakers.

In 2008 the United States team chose him to represent his country together with other compatriots to play in the 2008 Beijing Olympics where he made a wonderful presentation and contributed greatly to his team to lead the victory in the final with a difference of 11 points against Spain, a tough rival at that time.

After an injury, certain failures in the playoffs with his team and along with several scandals for sexual harassment that didn’t come out well so he had the press pushing him for a long time what caused big economic and family impacts in his life. Thus, he decided to retire from professional Basketball in 2016 marking its history in this sport.

Unfortunately, despite his achievements and leading a life full of successes, Kobe Bryant’s life could not go on and his life ended in a tragic accident. After taking a trip in his private helicopter as he sometimes used to, Kobe got on the helicopter with his pilot on duty and in adverse weather conditions, the helicopter suddenly dropped and crashed in Southern California, USA, then, it got on fire and unfortunately, there were no survivors. What further aggravated the tragedy is that on the trip Kobe also took his wife and daughter on board along with other crew members… that was a great family tragedy that mourned the sport for several days and greatly impacted players like Michael Jordan and others sports legends.

Kobe Bryant was an NBA star and we will remember him as one of the great players who established his history in the competition, sometimes death can be much closer than everyone expects and unfortunately, it sometimes happens to younger people as Kobe’s daughter who was just a teenager when she died in that helicopter. Great respect, admiration, and honor to all of them, rest in peace.