Steam is one of the largest and most important platforms in the world of videogames and here on betsim we want to teach you how to redeem the codes that you can acquire from different online places and that you can enjoy just by following a few steps. These guidelines are for when you have a code available for a random game on Steam:

1. First of all, you must log in to your Steam account from a Windows, Mac or Linux client or if you do not have an account then it is time for you to create a new one.

2. Click “Add a game…” in the bottom left, and, by doing this, you will always add the new games that you enter and they will be saved in your account so that you can play them whenever you want.

3. Click “Activate a Product on Steam…”

4. Click “Next”

5. Click “I Agree”

6. Enter you game code and click “NEXT”

7. When you enter a valid code you should immediately see the name of the game that corresponds to that code and also another window with the next step to continue with the installation of the game in your Steam library. Then, Proceed with installation by double-clicking on the game in your library.

That is all, once you have followed these steps you can now enjoy your new game and you can add as many games as you have with the codes to increase the library of your account. We hope you have a great time with them.