Multiple bets are already available on Betsim. It’s time to learn how to use and to make the most of this new functionality.

What is and how to place multiple bets on Betsim?

A multiple betting, also known as accumulator bet, is a single bet that links together more than one bet and is dependent on all the bets winning to land a profit, that means, all odds will be multiplicated each other. To make multiple bets, take the following steps:

1. Go to the first event and select your first odd. Ex: Juventus vs Real Madrid (Real Madrid wins – Odd 2.76)

2. Switch to “Multiple”

3. Go to another event and add a selection to your list. Ex: Barcelona vs Roma (Barcelona wins – Odd 1.26)

4. How many events do you want to accumulate in your multiple bet? You can make doubles, trebles, quadruples, fivefold, etc. Up to a maximum of 15 events. To do so, you should repeat the same process by adding more events to your multiple bet. In this example, we will make a Double, with the two events already selected you should tap on “Confirm” and then you will have successfully placed a multi-bet made by 2 selections. Also, you can see the accumulate odd (3.48) and the number of bycoins you want to bet.

You can also see all your multiple bets state by going to “My bets” –> “Multiple”

Finally, you already know that all your winnings will be multiplicated each other, but you should also know that if you lose only 1 selection you will lose the entire multi-bet, so you should be careful especially when you make multiple bets with a high number of selections.